Thursday, July 02

Portfolio & Blog

Web Application

A while back ago, I did launch a website, but it was just a static one. So I decided it was time to create another, but this time with a blog. This is my new and improved website. It's a work in progress, but as I come across new things or find a gem that I want to utilize, this is where I will add it.

I added the tags feature and the responsive web design by hand, no gems or CSS frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap, Foundation) used. These features were piecing together using tutorials found on the inter webs or in books (that I raided from the library). I do try to make an effort to note these references and if I deviated from the tutorial I will say so, as well as, provide the why.

If you want the nitty-gritty, you can check out my code - here's my repository. This is a Ruby on Rails application deployed on Heroku with a PostgreSQL on the backend.

This is the most update list of features and some setup details as well:


Rails 4.2.0
Tagging - index blog post by tag with a tag cloud
Metalinks with Metamagic
Devise for user
Disqus for blog comments
Ruby version: 2.1.5
Databases: Sqlite in development, PostgreSQL in production
Deployment - Currently hosted on Heroku
Responsive Design

Future functionality:

Test Suite: Minitest
Services: Utilize Amazon S3 cloud service for uploading images in production
Add CKEditor for Project page (editor)

Housekeeping Tasks

Build 3-line menu for responsive navigation (for mobile/tablet) - will be modifying this tutorial for Rails