Sunday, July 19

Choi's TKD Academy

Web Application

I was given the opportunity to completely redesign and add CMS functionality to this local business' website that was not updated in several years and was not mobile friendly. This was a complete redesign of the website based off of a template that was greatly modified to fit this business' needs.

The website now has SEO capabilities with meta tags, utilizes Javascript and JQuery.

This project is a responsive Ruby on Rails web application with PostgreSQL on the backend to allow updates to the class schedules and has the ability have additional functionality that can be built upon, if needed.

The code is held in my private repository on Bitbucket, as this website is for a business. If you would like to know more details, please feel free to contact me.


Rails 4.2.0
Metalinks with Metamagic
Devise for user
Ruby version: 2.1.5
Databases: Sqlite in development, PostgreSQL in production
Deployment - Currently hosted on Heroku
Responsive Design