Saturday, Apr 02

Swift YouTube Channel - The First Month

Into the first month of posting videos about Swift, I have found it something that I look forward to every weekend, and to some respects, gives me that little push to cover more topics on the subject during the week. Especially now, that I have two subscribers! Yippy - more accountability!

I've read so much about how sharing what you know or what you are learning, even if you aren't an expert, can help you has much has it helps others, but I really didn't expect how much I now understand.

I've also learned that the tutorials that I am looking for now, aren't available or are a mishmash of two or three tutorials that give me the answer or explanation that I need. But sometimes, they don't.

I plan to do more tutorials that solve a problem or explore a topic that I would like to know more about. Hopefully, down the road, folks who view my channel or blog would also chime in with ideas, but until then, this will grow organically. And I'm ok with that.

So far I have covered a lot of ground. I've covered approximately 2/3 of the documentation and though this will never be 'done'. I feel great with the progress and happy that I am contributing something to the world.

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